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Auto Shipping Process Questions Answered

Auto Shipping Process Questions Answered

Auto Shipping Process Questions Answered

The auto-shipping process is a daunting one for the inexperienced. Here are a few auto shipping process questions that we answered:

How does the auto shipping process work?

The auto shipping company will let you know prior to delivery when you can collect your vehicle. Once delivery is complete you will sign off the delivery waybill. If you require an update on your shipment, you can call one of our representatives during office hours and we will track the carrier’s progress.

Do you do door-to-door transport?

Yes, we do. Door-to-door, is when we pick up your vehicle at your place of residence if it is accessible and drop it at the designation. There are areas and suburbs that do not allow car carriers but we can pick up and drop them off at the nearest possible area.

Can I decide on pickup and delivery time?

Yes, you may. There are however instances where we will require a time window to pick up. It also costs more if you have a specific loading time.

What if the drop-off point is inaccessible?

That’s fine, we will organize a convenient, alternative location that is closest to a major road nearest to you. There are roads in certain areas that are not desirable for auto carriers and definitely not safe for your vehicle.

What if there is damage to my vehicle during transit?

We do our best to prevent damage, but certain environmental factors are beyond our control. Feel free to call us anytime if you have concerns about what insurances will cover during the auto shipping process. We strongly suggest that you take photos of your vehicle before and after delivery, as this will help you to claim from insurance. Always make a note of any damage that has occurred on the waybill before driving off with your vehicle.

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