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transporting race cars

Intercity Auto Movers specializes in the transportation of racing cars

transporting racing cars in south africa

Do you have racing event coming up in South Africa and need to get your race car to the track?

  • Most private and amateur racing drivers in South Africa participate in the sport on a part-time basis. They need all the time they can get to prepare their cars for the next racing event and cannot afford to let the car arrive at the race track late for practice.
  • A large number of racing drivers still transport their own race cars on a trailer to the race tracks. Apart from often being illegal (according to the South African road traffic act), it is also a time consuming and tedious exercise. Arriving exhausted at the race track after a long drive does not really help you win the race…
  • Race cars are normally very low and very wide and they often use racing fuel racing fuel that is highly flammable (hence classified as hazardous goods). Not any auto carrier can transport these vehicles without causing damage to the cars.

racing car transport specialists

Intercity Auto Movers are well equipped and understand the passion and anxiety associated with the transportation of race cars to and from any race track in South Africa.

We cater for both bulk and individual transport of race cars.

  • time is crucial

    • Our trucks run on committed schedules. Being owner-operated, we have the ability to reschedule trucks to meet your delivery schedules to the race track. We will do everything in our power to make sure you don’t miss your crucial practice runs on the race track.
  • making it easy

    • As racing fuel is required to be drained from race cars for transport, as well as the fact that these cars are often difficult to control at very low speed (during loading), we are able to handle them as non-running vehicles.
    • We use a combination of specially equipped rollbacks and auto carriers capable of loading low and wide non-runners without any damage to the vehicles.

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