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Reposessed Car Transport

Intercity Auto Movers: Expert Repossessed Vehicle Collection

Collecting a repossessed vehicle requires a fast and effective response. Intercity Auto Movers is well equipped and understands the intricacies involved with the transportation of repossessed vehicles. Our team ensures that the process is handled smoothly and safely, minimizing risks and delays.

Challenges of Repossessed Vehicle Collection

Collectors and tracers face an extremely stressful job repossessing unpaid vehicles on behalf of financial institutions. Once a vehicle has been repossessed, collectors must stay with it until the rollback arrives for loading. The longer they wait for a truck, the higher the risk to their personal safety.

In some cases, repossessed vehicles are parked in undercover areas, keys may not always be available, and modern vehicles might be in full lockdown, with electronically locked gearboxes and handbrakes. These challenges require specialized knowledge and equipment to overcome.

Why Choose Intercity Auto Movers for Repossessed Vehicle Transport?

  • Expertise and Experience: With years of experience in transporting repossessed vehicles, we understand the unique challenges involved.
  • Specialized Equipment: Our operators use specialized equipment to handle any vehicle, in any condition, without causing damage.
  • Quick and Safe Response: We prioritize fast and safe collection, reducing wait times and minimizing risks to collectors.


Our Repossessed Vehicle Collection Services Include:

  • Rapid Response: We ensure that our team arrives promptly to load and transport the repossessed vehicle, minimizing wait times and risks.
  • Safe Handling: Our skilled operators are trained to handle vehicles in full lockdown, even when keys are unavailable.
  • Damage-Free Transport: We use specialized equipment to load and transport vehicles without causing any damage, regardless of their condition.



Intercity Auto Movers is your trusted partner for the fast and effective collection of repossessed vehicles. Our expertise, specialized equipment, and commitment to safety ensure that the process is handled efficiently and securely. Contact us today to learn more about our repossessed vehicle transport services.