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foundation of the company

Intercity Towing was established by Max Bega in 2007 with humble intent to help an unemployed friend. With a 1-ton sling truck and perseverance, the company expanded rapidly.

Within 20 months two companies, Auto Rescue and Mike’s Towing were acquired to increase market share and growth. In January of 2011, the company was procured by a three-party partnership, with Ben Brits as the new managing member. The main service at this point was aimed at towing within the Greater Durban Metro, aided by a long distance auto carrier with a capacity of 40 to 50 vehicles per month between Durban and Johannesburg. As the demand for quick turn-around time increased, the auto carrier capacity expanded 8-fold over the next three years to 350 – 450 vehicles per month. The name “Intercity Towing” misrepresented the key focus of the business and so a new company called “Intercity Auto Movers” was created in parallel. Both companies operate in unison, with Intercity Towing CC mainly operating as a local towing company and Intercity Auto Movers (Pty) Ltd as a long haul auto carrier company.