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  1. Payments must be made by EFT prior to collection. Proof-of-payment can be forwarded to this e-mail address.
  2. Orders can only be confirmed on receipt of Proof-of-Payment and receipt of all collection and delivery details.
  3. Dates provided are based on best estimate at the time of quotation. Kindly allow 2-3 working days contingency on all long distance delivery dates.
  4. Final collection and delivery times can only be committed on the day of collection / delivery respectively.
  5. GIT only applies if vehicles are comprehensively insured by owners. GIT covers loss of load due to fire, hijacking, collision, overturning and is subject to an excess payment of 10% of the claim (minimum R5,000) for the Client’s account.
  6. Unless specifically agreed in writing otherwise, the following are excluded from GIT cover : any vehicle older than 10 years, racing vehicles, accident damaged vehicles, non-standard vehicles, built-up or kit cars.
  7. GIT insurance does not provide cover against damages as a result of adverse weather (hail, rain, snow, wind), stone chips or small scratches.
  8. It is incumbent upon the customer to inspect the vehicle for any damages, both at collection and at delivery, and to sign off the inpsection report presented. Any damages observed should be noted on the inspection sheet.
  9. In the event that damages have occurred as a result of actions or negligence by Intercity Auto Movers, we reserve the right to conduct a first-hand inspection and to choose where the vehicle is sent for repair.
  10. Personal items left in the vehicle will be transported at the client’s own risk and IAM need to be notified in advance of any items left in the vehicle. Please lock away and cover where possible.
  11. IAM will NOT transport vehicle registration documents (eNATIS / log-books) – these must be sent by courier.
  12. IAM is not equipped to transport loose items (engines/gearboxes/body panels). These can be either packed inside the vehicles at the client’s own risk, or must please be sent separately by courier.
  13. Vehicles may not be covered during transport. Please also ensure that the steering wheel, driver seat and controls are accessible.
  14. Please ensure that at least one complete set of keys is given to the driver.
  15. The vehicle must be ready for loading. Delays at either loading or delivery address may be charged at R350 + VAT per 1/2-hour standing time.
  16. Vehicles listed as NON-RUNNERS must be on 4 wheels, mobile and accessible by an auto carrier (horse & trailer) or rollback for loading.
  17. Where vehicles are listed as RUNNER, the tyres must be inflated, battery charged, keys available – i.e. vehicle can be started and driven onto the carrier without any additional assistance.
  18. IAM reserves the right to not load a vehicle if it is deemed unsafe to load due to oil, coolant or fuel leaks. 100% Cancellation fees may apply.
  19. No racing fuel may be left inside any vehicle – whether in the fuel tank or in loose cannisters.
  20. Should it not be possible to load the vehicle due to damage or not being accessible, our office must be notified prior to loading, so that alternative arrangements can be made. Additional fees may apply.
  21. Cancellation must be made in writing by the signatory of this Booking form. Cancellation fees:
    • Less than 12 hours prior to collection of vehicle – 75% of total price quoted.
    • Less than 24 hours prior to collection of vehicle – 50% of total price quoted.

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