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transporting student cars

Are you looking for a transport company to deliverer a student’s car?

transporting students car in South Africa

Intercity Auto Movers values the significance of students to the future of our country.

Students often have to study far from home. In this modern age it has become almost essential for them to have their own vehicles to afford them freedom of movement as the young adults of the future. But no parent wants to face the risks and hazards of his child driving across country to come home for holidays.

use experienced auto movers

Intercity Auto Movers offers a reliable service of delivering student cars at discounted rates to most major campuses across South Africa.

  • transporting students cars on carriers to reduce your stress

    • Students do not have a lot of time to waste on the road. And when they travel home after exams, they are usually physically and mentally tired. Add to this a splash of peak season traffic, and you have a recipe for a stressful travel – both for students and parents. We will take that stress away by loading the student cars on auto carriers and transporting them to where they are needed.
  • making it easy for students and parents

    • Chasing a busy curriculum does not allow much time to arrange the collection and delivery of your student car from depots far away.
    • Intercity Auto Movers tries to make it as painless as possible. We can collect from the parents home and deliver to a central point close to campus – at least within walking distance from the student’s residence.
  • making it affordable

    • Studying at a university, technicon or college is very expensive.
    • Intercity Auto Movers offers special student rates for the long distance transport of student cars – subject to presentation of a valid student card.
  • risks of long distance travel for students

    • Travelling over long distances by car in South Africa has become very risky – especially for students. Concentrating on the road in this condition for 15-20 hours can become very strenuous.
    • Student cars are mostly older cars and are usually used over short distances on and around campus. If not well maintained and serviced regularly, the additional heat and vibration generated over a long distance can increase the risk of mechanical failures.
    • Towing costs to recover a broken down vehicle to the nearest town can become extremely expensive.
    • Finding spares to repair a vehicle in small towns can leave you stranded for weeks. With so many different makes and models of vehicles on our roads, even finding the right tyre might be difficult.
    • The highest risk of all is to have your young one stranded next to the highway for hours in the middle of nowhere – with absolutely no personal protection…



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