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transporting repossessed cars

Collecting a repossessed vehicle requires a fast and effective response

Intercity Auto Movers is well equipped and understand the intricacies involved with the transportation of repossessed vehicles.

  • Collectors and tracers have an extremely stressful  job of prepossessing unpaid vehicles on behalf of vehicle financial institutions.
  • Once a vehicle has been repossessed from the owner, the collectors have to stay with it until the rollback arrives to load it.
  • The longer they wait for a truck to arrive, the higher the risk to their personal safety.
  • In some instances repossessed vehicles are parked in undercover parking, keys may not always be available and, with modern vehicles, they may often be in full lock-down (gearboxes and handbrakes may be electronically locked).

Intercity Auto Movers has been in the business of transporting repossessed vehicles for many years. We have specialized equipment and our operators are highly skilled to load any vehicle, in any condition, within the shortest possible time – and without causing damage to the vehicle.

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