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rental car exchange

Intercity Auto Movers can support your rental company by providing a rental exchange service in the event that their rental car becomes unserviceable.

car rental exchanges anywhere in south africa

Intercity Auto Movers is well equipped to exchange rental vehicles on behalf of car rental companies anywhere in South Africa.

Breakdowns and accidents happen – even with rental cars. When that happens and your client is stranded next to the road without transport, rental companies need to act fast to get him/her a replacement running vehicle.

Intercity Auto Movers can react quickly to collect the replacement vehicle from your depot, deliver it to your customer and return the non-running or accident damaged unit to your depot.

  • fast response

    • Intercity Auto Movers has a sufficiently large fleet, as well as a panel of trusted subcontractors, so that we can have a tow truck available in the shortest possible time.
  • professional service

    • Our staff are well trained to perform rental car exchanges, especially with regard to the required admin.
    • A thorough inspection, with digital photographs, is done upon hand-over of the replacement unit to the customer.
    • A thorough inspection, with digital photographs, is done upon receipt of the defective unit from the customer.

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