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transporting salvage vehicles

The salvage industry in South Africa forms a significant part of the total motor industry. Accident damaged vehicles that are uneconomical to repair are written off by insurance companies and sold off to the private sector through auction houses and salvage companies. These vehicles are either repaired, or stripped for spares.

Buyers have to get these vehicles transported from these salvage companies or auctions and delivered directly to their premises. Most of them do not have access to forklifts or any other means to off-load these vehicles from an auto carrier, so special arrangements must be made to get the vehicles delivered to them in an efficient and cost effective way.

Intercity Auto Movers is comprehensively equipped to effectively transport salvage vehicles:

  • from any salvage company or auction house in South Africa to any residential or business address in the country
  • single vehicles or bulk loads
  • door-to-door

    • By using a combination of rollbacks, forklifts and auto carriers, we are able to transport and deliver accident damage vehicles cost-effectively and quickly – right to your premises.

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