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We believe in empowered employees that not only perform better, but also instill confidence with the client. We employ people with the right attitude and capabilities, and provide continuous growth and development through coaching and training. Our aim is to develop the following characteristics in our staff:

  • ownership

    • Employees are encouraged not only to take ownership of any task allocated to them, but also to find opportunities to perform above and beyond the call of duty.
  • multiplexing

    • Drivers are selected and trained so that they can perform a broad scope of tasks, including driving, loading, strapping, forklift/machine operation, etc. This helps not only to improve availability of staff, allowing staff to take the necessary leave and to look after their personal well-being, but also to improve co-operation when teamwork is required.
  • capability

    • Regular training is provided – both on individual level and in groups. This eliminates mistakes while simultaneously reducing turn-around time.
  • appearance

    • Drivers are issued with uniforms and safety gear to represent the company’s professional image. We want our drivers be presentable to any client

the management team

  • Ben Brits – Managing Director

    • ..
  • Gayle Mills – Director > Admin & Accounts

    • ..
  • Victor Hansen – Director > Marketing & Sales

    • ..
  • Molly Pillay – Accounts

    • ..
  • Brett Benedicto – Branch Manager > JHB

    • ..
  • Charlene Slabbert – Dispatch Control > JHB

    • ..
  • Michael Mills – Dispatch Control > DBN

    • ..

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