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Fleet Support

fleet support


Fleet support is helpful as owners have their hands full managing their fleets on a day-to-day basis. Vehicles have to be transferred from one location in South Africa to another – either as bulk loads or individual units. Then there is a the challenge of moving groups of vehicles simultaneously to various locations across the country – all to reach their destination within a short span of time.

Intercity Auto Movers has the planning ability, capacity and flexibility to handle the distribution of fleet vehicles fast, efficiently and cost-effectively to multiple destinations across South Africa.


  • handling complex

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  • getting involved

    • We make a point of understanding operations, needs and expectations of fleet owners.
  • keep it personal

    • We have establish a long standing relationship with numerous fleet owners across South Africa.
    • Being owner operated, we establish and maintain a single point of contact, making it easier and more personal for fleet customers to liaise with us on regular basis.

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