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Intercity Auto Movers make it a priority to support dealerships to manage their day-to-day operations.

Car dealerships have one priority – and that is to sell cars. They need to sell as many cars as possible, offering their customers quick delivery, while at the same time maintaining minimum stock levels and staff content.

Intercity Auto movers understands the intricacies, frustrations and risks associated with a car dealership. We regard ourselves as an extension of your business.

fast and effective service

  • Intercity Auto Movers offer car dealers a safe and efficient way to transport their vehicles – either between branches or directly to or from their customers.
  • We can accommodate either bulk loads or individual vehicles on auto carriers.
  • As we run on fixed schedules between the major cities in South Africa, dealership are in a better position to plan and can also make better commitments to their customers.
  • exchange of dealership stock

    • With the number of vehicle models and colors available, it is not economically feasible for every dealership to carry stock of every possible variant on the market.
    • Chances are that there is another dealership in your network that has exactly the car your customer is looking for.
    • Intercity Auto Movers can arrange the exchange of stock between dealerships quicker than you ever thought possible, without adding further mileage on the vehicles.
  • trade-in assist

    • We are living in a global village where it has become the norm for people to buy vehicles over the internet – often far away from the selling dealership.
  • special delivery – vip handover

    • All clients are equally important, but sometimes you need to deliver a car to a client with that extra of special treatment. We can arrange that for you by having the vehicle transported to the customer, have it washed, and do a personal VIP handover.
  • special delivery – fleet sales

    • Dealerships thrive on fleet sales, but the amount of work to get the vehicles prepared and delivered can be a daunting and stressful task – especially if the vehicles have to be delivered to different destinations across South Africa. Leave the logistic planning and delivery to us. We understand that it has to be done quickly and cost effectively.
  • special delivery – repatriation

    • If your workshop has repaired a vehicle for a customer from another town (typically when vehicles were damaged or broken down whilst the customer was on holiday), Intercity Auto Movers will collect the repaired vehicle from your workshop and deliver it to your client’s door.

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