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transporting classic and vintage cars

Intercity Auto Movers is ideally equipped and has a passion for transporting your classic and vintage vehicles...

Classic and vintage cars require very special treatment. Because of sensitive clutches and often intricate starting procedures, vintage and classic cars should be treated as non-runners. You require a team that is well trained and properly suitably equipped for these types of loads


  • handle with care

    • Classic and vintage cars require very special treatment. Because of issues such as sensitive clutches, intricate starting procedures, sometimes weak engines, and battery isolation, Intercity Auto Movers normally treats vintage and classic cars non-runners – i.e. we would rather winch them onto carriers that to attempt driving them on.
  • equipped for the job

    • Our carriers are all equipped with winches, allowing us to pull vintage and classic cars onto the decks without putting additional strain on their clutches.
    • Our carriers also have relatively flat decks, so we do not submit vintage and classic cars to strenuous tilt angles to fit on the load. We try to keep them as level as possible.
    • Our staff are well trained to handle old and frail vehicles with utmost care and compassion.
  • passion for the product

    • At Intercity Auto Movers, we are passionate about old vehicles – and especially their owners.
    • We understand how much effort and passion goes into the ownership and care of these peculiar vehicles.
    • We also understand that spare parts are not readily available – so utmost care is taken to prevent any damage during transit.
    • Where possible we liaise with the owners/customers to identify any specific operating or staring procedures prior to loading.
  • that extra bit

    • Classic and vintage cars are often transported as non-running project cars – which need to be transported with extra spare parts, engines and gearboxes.
    • Despite the difficulty to load these onto auto carriers, we try to accommodate clients as far as possible to transport these items with the cars.

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