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Truck Industry Safety Tips in South Africa

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Truck Industry Safety Tips in South Africa

The trucking industry in South Africa has many safety precautions. Here are some of the obvious safety tips for truckers.

Truck Industry safety tips

Truck industry safety tips help prevent accidents and injuries. There are simple truck industry safety tips that you can do daily to ensure your safety, as well as other drivers that share the road.

Wearing seatbelts

Studies show that one in six truck drivers do not wear seatbelts. The use of seatbelts is not only required but prevents death and injuries. Most crash-related deaths occur due to not wearing a seat belt.

Do not use a cell phone while driving

This is stupid and careless. And you can be fined if you are on your cell phone while driving. Pullover somewhere safe if you need to call a customer.

 Stick to the speed limit

Speed limits are there for a reason. Stay within the speed limit and keep yourself and your load safe.

No drugs or alcohol

Intercity Auto Movers has zero-tolerance when it comes to truck drivers driving or coming to work intoxicated. We perform routine tests on our drivers and will take action if they do not adhere to the No drugs or alcohol rule. The last thing you need is having your fleet damaged due to a lack of safety from a car carrier company.

 Planning a trip

There are so many unforeseen things that cannot be avoided, by proper planning, we ensure our truck drivers get to their destination safely.

Drive safely

This is non-negotiable and we at Intercity Auto Movers only employ drivers that are experienced and safety-conscious. Our drivers are cautious when making turns on curvy roads. They know that they must slow down when changing lanes and are courteous to other vehicles on the road.

Keep a safe distance between you and other vehicles

Maintain plenty of distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. Keep your head facing forward and focus.

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