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Auto Movers Services and Vehicle Transporting Services

Vehicle transporting and auto moving services in South Africa

Caravan transport

Why cope with all the stress of caravan transport to your holiday destination? Let us load it on our carrier and deliver it for you allowing you to travel in comfort. Remember, life is not only about being there, but you should also enjoy the journey.

Repaired vehicle repatriation

Was your car repaired in Cape Town, but you live in Johannesburg? We will fetch it from the workshop and deliver it to your door. We are reliable and experienced when it comes to repaired vehicle repatriation.

Special delivery – fleet sale

Dealerships thrive on fleet sales, but the amount of work to get the vehicles prepared and delivered can be a daunting and stressful task – especially if the vehicles have to be delivered to different destinations across South Africa. Leave the logistic planning and your special delivery to us. We understand that it has to be done quickly and cost-effectively.

Special delivery – VIP handover

All clients are equally important, but sometimes you need special delivery for a car to a client. We can arrange that for you by having the vehicle transported to the customer, have it washed, and do a personal VIP handover.

Dealership exchange

Does another dealership have the vehicle you need for your customer? Or do you have to deliver a car to the customer and return his trade-in? Let us do the dealership exchange quicker than you ever thought possible.

Rental car exchange

Even rental cars break down or get into accidents. We can collect your new rental, take it to your customer and return the vehicle to your depot. Rental car exchange is our speciality and we have over a decade of experience with rental car companies.

Transporting classic and vintage cars

Transporting classic and vintage cars require very special treatment. Because of sensitive clutches and often intricate starting procedures, we prefer to handle them as non-runners. Our team is well trained and our carriers are suitably equipped to load classic and vintage cars.

Transporting race cars

Race cars are another special breed – normally very low and wide. And because all racing fuel has to be drained before they are allowed onto an auto carrier, they normally qualify as non-runners. Our state-of-the-art rollbacks and auto carriers are fully equipped and ideal for these loads. Transporting race cars has never been this convenient and affordable.

Transporting repossessed cars

Transporting repossessed cars requires a fast and effective response. We have managed to repossess vehicles from almost anywhere in South Africa in a very short space of time. If the car is locked and the handbrake is on – no worries, we can load and transport it.

Airport Shuttle

If you want to fly to your destination and need your car there – no problem. Drive your car to our depot and use our airport shuttle service.

Bulk Transport

Although our fleet is relatively small, we can handle bulk transport of up to 40 cars at a time. Try the auto movers services that has the experience.

Relocation Assist

So you have finally decided to move. Despite the excitement of a fresh start, it is probably one of the most stressful and traumatic events to make it all happen – especially when you have extra cars, caravans, quad bikes and motorbikes that also need to be moved. Relax, we will collect your vehicles from your current address and deliver them to your new place – anywhere in the country. Relocation assist services is a breeze when you use Intercity Auto Movers services.

Student Cars

Is your child studying far away and coming home for the holidays? In today’s world, we don’t want our children to be on the roads. Not only is it dangerous if they have a breakdown, but they are also exhausted from studying to get through their exams. So instead of them losing precious holiday time on the road, let us collect their vehicles and bring it home. We can also return it when the new study year starts. We understand how important it is that student cars are vital for students and that is why we do our best to safely deliver the student’s car to its destination.

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