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Car Shipping Quotes Factors to Consider

Car Shipping Quotes Factors

Car shipping quotes factors to consider. Many of our customers are relocating to another province. They are either being transferred by the companies they work for or are students studying at a university across the country.

There are many car shipping quotes factors that affect how much you will pay. And it is important to know what these are.

Factor #1. Distance

The further you are moving your car, the higher the cost. The more miles that trucks have to make, the more costly. What if you are moving to a place in the middle of some small “dorpie”? The cost would be double. The reason for this is that isolated towns are off major routes and highways. If you do not want the high costs, it is best to collect your car from the closest possible major route. If you are moving close to a major route, then the cost will be less.

Factor #2. Size of Your Car

This does actually have a huge impact on the price of the car moving. So if you have a smaller and lighter vehicle, you will have lower rates than a bigger vehicle eg. Toyota Yaris costs less than a Toyota Camry.

Factor #3. Condition of Vehicle

Whether you have a running or non-running car. We will need to know this for an accurate quote. Non-running means that the car cannot move on its own power and is inoperable. Loading and unloading these vehicles take extra manpower and time. Lifting equipment and extra workers will be needed for these vehicles, which will cost more.

Factor  #4. Fuel Prices

Fuel prices are a big reason for increased quote prices. Whether you are moving a car across the country or a short distance, the fuel price is still a deciding factor. Always check what the fuel prices are and if and when they are experiencing a price dip or hike.

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