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Shipping Car to Cape Town

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Shipping Car to Cape Town

Shipping car to Cape Town? and you do not know who to trust. The mother city awaits your glorious presence but you still have so many loose ends to tie up, like moving your second biggest investment – your car. At Intercity Auto Movers, we offer a trustworthy and professional car moving service. No matter the size or distance, we have the suitable options for your car moving needs.

Intercity Auto Movers partners with top car shipping companies, this allows us to offer rates and cheap shipping options in South Africa. We not only improve efficiency but also try our best to give reasonable rates. Our customer service is the best and our expertise is of the highest standards.

We try our best to offer unbeatable prices but it is important for our customers to know what the costs involved in shipping are:

The Size of Your Vehicle

If your car is small, it will be cheaper than a larger car. Our trailers are designed to hold up to 8 cars. There are height restrictions of course. We have loaded many vehicles, but also haul caravans and boats. For these types of shipments, we use our multi-car trailers as they are equipped to carry heavier loads.

If you have a large minivan, it would obviously take up more space than a normal car and would cost more. With larger trucks, there are a few spots that can hold on to the trailer. If the load is heavy, it is loaded with a hydraulic lift which decreases the space available for other vehicles. The height of the vehicle will indefinitely affect the price of the shipment.

The Condition of Your Car

If you are transporting a non-running car or a low sports car. The cost of loading and unloading a car will cost more due to the machinery and workforce needed to do so. Always chat to one of our representatives about the most affordable option for such vehicles.

Get into contact with us and we will advise you about the best option for shipping cars to Cape Town.

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