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Car Shipping in South Africa

Car shipping South Africa

Open air car shipping South Africa is the most common method of delivery. At Intercity Auto Movers we use this method of shipping as it is affordable and efficient.

Open trailer car shipping is done by using a single car trailer or a multi-car trailer. Your car will be loaded and transported to its destination either door-to-door or depot-to-depot.

 Single vehicle trailers are best for door-to-door as multi-car trailers are not suitable for navigating narrow or steep roads. When choosing a multi-car trailer, you will have to drop your car at agreed location and pick it up from designated pick up point.

Open Trailers Are Cheaper

Open trailer car shipping is the most common as it is 50 percent cheaper than an enclose trailer. Open air trailers run more routes on a frequent basis, as car carrier companies rely on volume sales.

 Since open trailer car shipping is common, there are a myriad of open trailers available, as shipping companies use them the most. By choosing this option, you will have more available delivery dates and times, which helps when you have to make last minute changes etc.

With an open air trailer, you are able to transport multiple cars at a time. This will be lighter on your pocket as transporting multiple cars at once is more budget friendly and efficient.  

Intercity Auto Movers is an open air carrier that offers high-rate service. We are a small but established business with a satisfied customer base. We take pride in all our car delivery services – big or small.

Our fleet is state of the art and our drivers are experienced and friendly. We have decades of experience with shipping anything on wheels or not, including:

  • Caravans
  • Bikes
  • Boats and jetskis
  • Non-running and running cars
  • Dealership cars
  • Rental cars
  • Classics and sports cars

and more…..

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