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Long Distance Car Shippers

Long distance car shippers refers to towing cars on a multi-car carrier. A multi-car carrier is a truck that is large with flatbed rigs that the cars are loaded onto and delivered.

Long haul trucks are best

These trucks are best for long distance car shippers that need to travel long distances. Long distance car shippers use these to carry heavy cargo as they are designed to handle such. Intercity Auto Movers have many years of experience with long distance hauling as it is the most simple and versatile option.

Long haulers can have a length of up to 30ft. This is the length of the flatbed rigs on which the cargo is carried. Our trucks can accommodate several cars, making it an ideal option in the industry. This is the best option for both customers and long distance car shippers.

Long distance shipping allows the auto transport company to save on petrol costs through multi deliveries to a given location. Intercity Auto Movers use long haul car carriers to do one trip with multiple vehicles to several areas on route. This is a sure cut way as it allows for efficient cost effective deliveries over long routes.

 If you are shipping more than one vehicle to a destination or even several, on a common route, then long distance shipping will benefit you financially. This is cost effective as you only pay for one long distance towing truck.

Long distance shipping is versatile as it allows the client the option of the most affordable way of shipping. Enclose trailers are very expensive and there are very few if any that use this option. Open trailers come in two forms, single and multi loading. Multi car trailers are either single or double decked compartments. Single compartments allows for several cars in single file. Double Decker trailers allow for several upper and lower compartment loading.