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Ship a Car Direct with Intercity Auto Movers

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Ship a Car Direct with Intercity Auto Movers

Ship a car direct with Intercity Auto Movers. Every year we see millions of cars being moved, even across borders in South Africa. Shipping and transporting a car requires attention to detail so that the process can run smoothly. Intercity Auto Movers has experience with taking charge of the entire process of shipping a car. Ship a car directly with us and you are guaranteed a professional and stress-free experience. Here are some important things to do before hiring a carrier:

1. Know your preferred mode of transport

Car carriers offer different types of services. Choose the one that fits your shipping requirements. Take your budget into consideration as well as the expected time of delivery. Some carriers may only offer terminal-to-terminal delivery and if you need door-to-door you would have to find a company that does so. Intercity Auto Movers is a versatile car shipping company. What we cannot do, we will refer you to someone that can. With a solid network of car movers, we know who is in the business.

 2. Is the company the choice of your broker?

Intercity Auto Movers are not only car carriers but brokers too. A broker is someone who doesn’t move the cars themselves but gets carriers to do so on their behalf. We offer the best of both worlds. Give us a call and we will guide you through the process.

3. Is the company registered

All car carrier companies should be registered with the Department of Transportation. Ask the car carrier company for their registration number.

4. Ask about insurance

Car carriers have insurance and you can ask for information regarding what is covered.

5. Shop around

Shop around and compare prices. Just be aware of too good to be true prices. The company that offers unbelievable low rates will not be your safest bet. It costs to run a good car carrier company and if we had to do so at low costs, we would fail our customers.

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