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Car Carriers Durban

Car Carriers Durban. Intercity Auto Movers are a well-established car carrier company that has decades of experience in the shipping industry in South Africa. Choose a shipping company that offers the services you need and quotes you at a reasonable price. Prepare your car by removing belongings and doing a thorough inspection before loading. Drop your vehicle on the designated day and pick it up when it arrives.

At Intercity Auto Movers, we provide reliable auto transport in the car carrier business, with fast pick up and delivery rates. Intercity Auto Movers can ship any vehicle from boats, bikes, caravans, and trailers to major routes across South Africa. Our goal is to set standards for service and dependability. The mission of our company is to provide timeous, problem-free shipment. We want to have a good relationship with our customers.

Ask for a quote. The cost of shipping will depend on a few factors, such as:

  • size of load
  • weight of load
  • petrol prices
  • Method of shipping

Let us know when you need to ship your car. Set a preferred date and we will provide you with available dates. We will help you choose a date that is convenient for you.

Make sure that you arrive on the date you chose for shipment. Be sure to arrive on time, so you do not miss a shipment. Hand over your keys and we will handle the rest.

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