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Long Distance Auto Movers Durban

Long Distance Auto Movers Durban

Long distance auto movers Durban. Intercity Auto Movers are based in New Germany, Durban.  If you are looking for long-distance auto movers in Durban – we can help you. The first thing you may have on your mind is the cost of long distance hauling. The following factors will determine the cost of hauling your vehicle across the country:

#1.  Distance – It is only logical that distance is a key factor when hauling your vehicle. The further your car needs to be delivered from major routes, the more it will cost you. The best form of collection is depot-to-depot transportation.

#2.  Type of transport – As discussed above, depot-to-depot is cheaper as you have a shorter distance to travel to and from the delivery destination.  Door-to-door does cost more and is the most convenient option when you need your car delivered a distance away within the car carrier route. We use the standard of open-air transport as it is affordable and easier for our drivers to inspect the cars while in transit. Open-air involves the loading of several cars on an auto carrier at one time.

#3.  Type of vehicle – Most auto carrier company price estimates go around a normal sedan but not all vehicles fit the description. The price is affected if you are hauling a truck or heavy vehicle. Modified vehicles, non-runners, and caravans require special fitting and extra care for long distance hauling.

#4.  The fuel price – This is sadly a key factor for pricing.  The higher the fuel prices, the higher the toll road fees and hauling fees.  Whether you need a car moved close by or to another province, we offer competitive and comprehensive prices.  Over decades we have moved thousands of fleet across the country safely and efficiently.

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