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Long Distance Car Movers VS Driving Yourself

Long Distance Car Movers VS Driving Yourself

Long-Distance Car Movers VS Driving Yourself

Long-distance car movers are better to use than driving your car yourself.  There are a few reasons why using long-distance car movers are a better option:

  • It is less expensive than driving your car to its destination
  • It will save you unnecessary wear and tear to your vehicle
  • Shipping your car is safer than driving it yourself
  • You avoid the boredom and trouble of long-distance travel

Moving is a stressful event.  Make it easier by hiring long-distance car movers such as Intercity Auto Movers.  With Intercity Auto Movers you can rest assured that your vehicle reaches its destination without the added stress.  Why tow your car when we can do that for you.

Intercity Auto Movers is a reputable company, but do not just take our word for it – view our customer’s reviews.

Shipping a vehicle is the most popular way to transport a vehicle.  Choosing a shipping company minimizes you driving your car long distance and putting extra mileage on your car. Intercity auto movers use rollbacks and open-air trailers and costs are dependent on the size and weight of your car.  We offer door-to-door deliveries where our customers can collect at their nearest pickup point.  If you or a customer requires special treatment such as VIP handover – we can do that.

If you need a professional car moving company – look no further.  Get a free quote on our website or come in and speak to one of our representatives. We not only deliver vehicles but we deliver all the promises we make to our customers.

Long-distance car moving can be defined as farther than 200 to 300 kilometers from customers home or terminal and delivery can take up to a few weeks depending on the distance. Ask the car moving company that you want to use about the estimated time of delivery.

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