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Long Distance Car Transport Companies

Long Distance Car Transport Companies

Long-distance car transport companies are many in South Africa. Intercity Auto Movers has many years of experience transporting vehicles across South Africa.

We understand that you do not know much about the car shipping process, and we are here to guide you from start to finish. Long-distance car transport companies like Intercity Auto Movers have a variety of solutions for all types of vehicles. Intercity Auto Movers is here to answer your long-distance car transport companies.

Door-to-door Long Distance Car Transport

Getting door-to-door long-distance car transport means your vehicle will be picked up from a specific location of your choice and delivered to your preferred destination. with door-to-door delivery, there is no need for you to drive your vehicle far for pick-up. You can arrange a location of your choice – office, mall, or workplace. Just make sure that there is someone there for the pick-up and drop-off.

Our movers are experienced professionals that are fully trained to take care of vehicles. It is our priority to keep up with the latest progress in the industry. We handle every vehicle with love and care, and as if it were our own.

Can I Leave My belongings in My Vehicle?

For safety reasons, most companies do not allow any personal belongings in the vehicle as it adds extra weight to a trailer. There are certain situations when you can leave some things in the car. But you need to check with us if it is possible first. We have accommodated our customers within reasonable limits.

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