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Open Vehicle Transport from Durban

Open Vehicle Transport from Durban

Open vehicle transport is available at Intercity Auto Movers. This method of transportation is the most affordable option for many South Africans. Open vehicle transport is safe, secure, and reliable. Your vehicle will be transported on the same carrier that auto manufacturers and dealers use when they transport cars from the factory to dealerships.

We also offer single carrier services for towing a single car. This option is best for individuals who need a car delivered within the same province. Multi-carriers are best for long hauling across the country as it is lighter on your pocket.

Door-to-door vehicle transport is when we pick up and deliver your car at your door or closest to it. Our driver will contact you prior to delivery so that you know the exact time your vehicle will be picked up and delivered.

Terminal-to-terminal transport is when the customer can collect their car from the terminal closest to their delivery point. A terminal location is similar to a parking lot at an airport. Terminal-to-terminal vehicle transport is suitable for families who are relocating as the customer can collect their car according to their own time schedule.

When you need a professional vehicle transport company, give us a call. Intercity Auto Movers is a well-established leader in cross-country shipping. We have years of experience shipping cars, bikes, caravans, and more across South Africa. We are the preferred choice for logistics brokers as we maintain a consistent work ethic. Trust Intercity Auto Movers with your second biggest investment (your vehicle) and you will have a pleasant moving exp

At Intercity Auto Movere our truck drivers, workforce, and management are professional and transparent at all times ensuring our customers are a priority.

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