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Fascinating Facts About Long Haul Truck Drivers

Fascinating Facts About Long Haul Truck Drivers

Facts about long-haul truck drivers. Have you ever been on the road and spotted trucks and wondered what it must be like? There are hundreds and thousands of truck drivers on our roads, delivering produce, consumables, furniture, vehicles and so much more. These truck drivers have an important task, and we do not notice them until we see them. Here are a few facts about long haul truck drivers:

What is their job like?

When we see a truck driver we often ponder what it must be like. Long-distance truck drivers do a job that not many would choose. But for these people, being on the open road and not having to work in an office is a sweet deal. As wonderful as this may sound, there are negative aspects such as working long hours and only having one’s self for company.

Truck Drivers Will Not Pick Up Hitchhikers

I think we all are aware as drivers that this isn’t the best or safest option in our country due to hijackings. Truck drivers are ordered not to pick up hitchhikers or they can and will lose their jobs.

People Call Those Numbers on Back of Trucks

You know those words on the back of a truck that asks “How is my driving?’. You may wonder if people actually do call – they really do. This is a brilliant way to ensure truck drivers are cautious and courteous. Sometimes there are callers that may complain about something that isn’t valid too. This is why many trucks have onboard cameras and tracking.

This Job isn’t for everyone

It is a lifestyle that is suited for those who do not mind being away from home most of their lives. Your social life is very limited and you may not be able to be there for special occasions.  

 This isn’t the kind of job where you will be home for dinner and when you have time off, you use that time to tie up loose ends. It is a very hectic lifestyle and you are rarely able to have family vacations. Some people find it better than 9 to 5 jobs but it’s something you need to consider very carefully.

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