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Safe Auto Transporting With Intercity Auto Movers

Safe Auto Transporting With Intercity Auto Movers

Safe auto transporting with Intercity Auto Movers is key. South Africa has a vast network being the 10th largest in the world. Transport companies deliver large amounts of cargo all across South Africa.

 Fatigue is a common danger with long-distance transporting. This is why there are steps that need to be taken to ensure safe auto transporting of cargo.

 Collective Bargaining Council Rules

The main agreement states that the hours an auto transport company should allow their employees, may not be more than 90 hours per week. This includes working hours, overtime, and hours done on a Sunday or public holiday. This is based on working hours and overall limitations of hours on the road.

 Self Regulation

Even with legislation from BCEA and NBCRFI, it is vital for car carrier companies to self-regulate and ensure that their workforce is safe.

 Loading and offloading time factors play a role

Every contract varies and the management of drivers and trips at the contract level does too. Intercity Auto Movers make sure that every contract and driver’s hours and work conditions are managed in a safe environment in terms of contract requirements.

Highest Risk Route

The Johannesburg to Cape Town route is apparently the highest risk route. The reason for this is that it is a long straight road. Fatigue is a major risk factor.  There are mundane, straight roads and the driver doesn’t have to drive for long periods at a time. At the highest gear, the cruising speed is 80km/h. The lack of having to sit still for long periods without doing much causes fatigue.

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