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International Car Shipping Near Me | Car Shipping Specialist in South Africa

International Car Shipping Near Me

International Car Shipping Near Me

International car shipping near me. Intercity Auto Movers are part of a network of domestic and international car shipping near me solutions. We have resources that can move your precious cargo at reasonable rates, efficiently, and anywhere within Africa or abroad.

We organize car carrier transport to and from any port within South Africa. We will assist you with finding the most affordable and efficient way to get your vehicle to its destination. We are well equipped and ready to handle any challenge that freight transportation brings. If you need international car shipping and are using air shipping services, we will organize a car carrier to take your car to the airport. If you are waiting for a delivery from abroad, we offer airport shuttle services to and from the airport to collect your car. Intercity Auto Movers are car shipping specialists in South Africa.

International car carrier services

We specialize in international car carrier services as we are connected to the best shipping companies in South Africa. We offer many types of car carriers such as smaller flatbeds for single nearby collections and deliveries as well as larger 8 car carriers for long-distance deliveries.

Intercity Auto Movers is a fully licensed international car carrier broker and carrier. We are able to offer safe shipment of anything on wheels to any destination and port in South Africa. We connect to the services of well-known shipping companies across the industry. We link to companies that have the same level of standards as we have.

Intercity Auto Movers are confident that your vehicle will only be in the best hands. We take safety very seriously and we do thorough inspections before and after delivery. If you require a professional and safe car carrier service, then you have come to the right place.

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