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What Is Auto Transport? FAQ

What Is Auto Transport? FAQ

What is auto transport?

It is a cargo transporter that specializes in transporting vehicles across the country. Most vehicles that are shipped are cars, trucks, and motorcycles but many will transport boats and caravans too.

The auto transport industry is driven by efficiency and safety. Even though we drive our vehicles, there will be times that we need the services of an auto transport company.

Once your order is placed and your paperwork is submitted, you will be given a schedule according to the dates on your shipping order. A truck will be assigned to carry your car and you will receive a call concerning the pickup date and time. The driver will inspect the vehicle but you should be present with your own inspection list. You will both sign the waybill and your car will be good to go. If your car is damaged through some unfortunate event, you will need to make note of it on the delivery waybill and make sure the driver signs it. This is vital for any claims you may have with insurance policies.

New cars are delivered to dealerships due to the car being considered driven if not delivered by a car carrier company.

Everything is available on the internet. You will find a myriad of companies on the internet. Always contact the auto carrier company you would like to use to get better quotes this way. Do not limit yourself to using auto carrier companies nearest to you.

It’s common practice to arrange for delivery at a meeting place closest to your destination point. Sometimes it isn’t safe or possible to deliver in some areas due to many reasons. Always ask the company about options before you make a booking to ensure that the delivery process runs as smoothly as possible. 

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