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Rollbacks Are the Best Way to Haul Vehicles

Rollbacks Are the Best Way to Haul Vehicles

Rollbacks or a flatbed is the best way to tow a vehicle. Once the vehicle is towed with a rollback, its wheels do not move. This prevents tires from being damaged as well as other parts. Moving your 4×4? Intercity Auto Movers can do that for you. Our team of experts and specialized equipment are capable of loading your 4×4 onto a flatbed trailer safely.

A rollback truck can drop the back end of the flatbed to the floor as a ramp to load your car with ease. One remarkable factor is that a rollback can secure your vehicle if it is severely damaged or very heavy. Rollbacks are mean machines that can handle any 4×4 – no problem.

Rollback trucks are not easy to move through narrow spaces but are the safest option for towing disabled vehicles. With the use of a winch, a disabled auto may be towed and pulled up onto a tilted flatbed platform. Cars may also be driven onto the flatbed. When it tilts back into the upright position and the car is then secured and ready for short or long-distance transport.

The method of loading the vehicle and the way it travels reduces any risk of damage to the towed car. Car and motorcycle dealers prefer rollback tow trucks as a safe way to deliver to customers.

Intercity Auto Movers Use Rollbacks for delivering anything on wheels. We have a 12 tonnes rollback, that can be used with a single-car trailer and a 5-tonne rollback that is equipped with a wheel lift to transport a second car.

For further information about rollback services, you can contact one of Intercity Auto Mover’s representatives today.

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