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Auto Transport Carriers and Truck Shipments

Auto Transport Carriers and Truck Shipments

Auto transport carriers are available for all your truck deliveries, whether it is across South Africa or you ordered a truck and need it delivered to your current location – you need to find the right type of auto transport carrier.  Here are a few factors that affect heavy auto transportation and how it differs from shipping a car.

 Shipping a truck differs from shipping a car

Trucks are harder and more expensive than shipping a car as they are bigger and heavier.  Trucks are transported across the country daily, and almost all types of trucks can be shipped.  The choice of auto transport carriers and delivery dates can be very limited.  Not all car carriers are equipped for heavy vehicles.  Preparations are different when shipping a truck than shipping a car.

The Costs of Shipping a Truck

When transporting a large vehicle, there are a few things that affect the cost, including:

  • The size of your truck – the bigger and heavier the vehicle, the higher the cost will be.  Trucks can be more than twice the weight and wider than that of a small pick up truck.  This makes it more difficult to fit onto a standard trailer that most car carriers use to ship cars.  Heavier trucks mean larger carriers, and larger carriers mean more fuel and specialized equipment.  This would obviously cost more than the average vehicle.
  • The Make of Truck – there are many types of trucks, from small delivery trucks to specialty trucks.  Light trucks can be loaded on a ten-car carrier.  Medium-sized trucks have to be shipped on a flatbed hauler.  Large working trucks require special handling and will have higher shipping costs.
  • Shipping Distance – the longer the distance, the more it will cost.  The cost to ship cars and trucks in South Africa all depends on the price of fuel and the economy.  The shipping cost will be lower when traveling further.  This goes to show that distance isn’t a factor when the quote is given.

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