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Find the Best Car Moving Company

Find the Best Car Moving Company

The best car moving company is easy to find on the internet.  Using your geographical location will help you find the best car moving company nearest to you. 

Choosing the best car moving company online is easy as you can get a quote right away.  Online searching also helps when you can read other customers’ testimonials about the service they received from the car moving company.  

Here are some vital steps you can take to finding the best auto movers.

 #1.  Make sure the company is registered

All auto moving companies must be registered with the department of transportation.  They should have all this information on their website.  If they do not, always ask for proof of registration.

#2.  Insurance must be included

The quote given should include insurance.  If the car moving company doesn’t insure then it is advisable to contact your private insurance company first. Ask about coverage for unforeseen circumstances that may occur while your vehicle is in transit.

#3.  Make sure there are no hidden costs

Always make sure there is nothing you will have to pay later on.  Make sure you have written proof to avoid any comebacks or discrepancies. This will prevent any unwanted problems from occurring later.

#4.  Ask about cancellation costs

Look over the cancellation clause carefully.  Most car moving companies come with a cancellation clause. According to the clause, if the car movers fail to meet the contract statements, you can claim a full refund.

#5.  Do your own car inspection

Inspect your vehicle thoroughly before it is loaded onto the carrier.  Take photos and make notes of any dents, chips, or defects beforehand.  If you do this, you will be able to see if there are any new ones that happened while the car was in transit. It is advisable to do this inspection during the daytime. 

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