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8 Tips When Transporting Your Vehicle

8 Tips When Transporting Your Vehicle

8 Tips When Transporting Your Vehicle

I need to transport my car from one destination to another, how can I do this? Answer: A transport company such as Intercity Auto Movers

An Auto Transport Company will handle all your transportation woes. Moving is stressful as it is and we at Intercity Auto movers would like to lighten the load for you.

Intercity Auto Movers are equipped to carry multiple vehicles at a time, costing you less. Your precious cargo is delivered either door to door or to the closest depot nearest your destination.

Here are 8 tips to consider when using a vehicle transporter to transport your car

For your vehicle to arrive on time, it’s imperative that it’s shipping ready. We have listed a few things to add to your shipping checklist:

#1. Wash your car

Dirt and dust hide bumps and scratches. If you wash your car thoroughly then you will be able to see any damage there is prior to shipping.

#2. Clean the inside

During transport, your vehicle will be shaken a bit. It is best to remove anything that isn’t secured or tied down. This includes small things such as coins, electronics, and supporting cables.

#3. Disable Alarm

One can only imagine how alarmed or stressed a truck driver would be if a car alarm starts going off during the voyage.

#4. Leave tank low

Your vehicle is being delivered, not driven, so there is no need to fill up before loading. Fuel makes the vehicle heavier and is riskier. Leave it just enough to get to the closest petrol station.

#5. Check for leaks

Before your car or truck gets loaded onto the truck, check the undercarriage for any visible leaks. If your vehicle has an aggressive leak, the car carrier service may refuse to load it. Logically speaking, we would never put a leaky car above your car.

#6. Check tire pressure

Under-inflated or over-inflated tires are just as risky in transit as they are on the road. By not having your tires properly inflated, you are increasing damage to your tire. Tire damage is most likely to occur during loading and unloading, but if your tires are inflated correctly there shouldn’t be an issue.

#7. Remove custom accessories

After all, those accessories are expensive and we would not want to see the disappointment on your face when one of those falls off or is broken.

#8. Lock the car

Once your vehicle is loaded onto a car carrier, there is no reason for it to be opened until delivered.

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