Get A Car Transported With Intercity Auto Movers

Get A Car Transported With Intercity Auto Movers

Get a car transported to the required destination safely and at an affordable rate with Intercity Auto Movers. We offer a reliable and professional car transport service – giving you much-needed peace of mind. Intercity Auto Movers will ship anything on wheels across the country.

 With years of experience and good ratings, we provide customers with the best possible service at all times.  As our testimonials show, we have happy and satisfied repeat customers for many years.

Our workforce pride themselves in their jobs and this is what seperates us from the rest.  Our team is always friendly and willing – putting you, the customer first.

Get a car transported across South Africa with us and you are guaranteed a stress free experience.  We offer services to not only individuals, we also assist:

Car dealerships

Classic car collectors

Taxi businesses

Truck owners

Auction houses…and more

We carefully inspect all carriers, making sure they’re safe and prepared for the voyage ahead.

Shipping your vehicle is never easier and we are equipped to deliver from start of journey to end.  With years of experience in all types of vehicles, including non-runners – we ensure a smooth and stress free delivery process.

We haul anything on wheels to major cities in South Africa.  We will help create a solution for your specialized needs.

Intercity Auto Movers is available to answer any queries you may have and our well-trained staff is friendly and efficient at all times. With our 23 years of industry expertise, we promise you that you will never deal with a more customer-centered service in the business. But that doesn’t mean that you have to pay an arm and a leg to get your car to your new home.

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