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8 Things To Ask A Car Carrier Company

8 Things To Ask A Car Carrier Company

8 Things To Ask A Car Carrier Company

When choosing a car carrier company to move your valuable vehicle, there are many questions you may have. Here are a few suggested questions you should ask a car carrier company:

#1. Is the car carrier company a broker, auto transport management company, or carrier?

  • Broker – finds carriers and schedules deliveries with customers in mind
  • Car Carrier company – use their own trucks to ship and deliver cars with the shipment as a priority.
  • Auto Transport Company – serves customers from one point to another as a single point of contact from quote to delivery.  When problems arise, they will solve them faster as their priority is the customer.

#2.  What car transport services do they offer?

Different services car carrier companies offer  

Here are a few options:

  • Open-air trailer
  • Enclosed trailer
  • Multi-vehicle
  • Single vehicle
  • Non-working vehicles
  • Working vehicles
  • Coordinated shipment via boat, train, and plane

#3.  What are the restrictions

Different types of vehicles that need shipping

There are different types of vehicles that need shipping and therefore different types of delivery methods used, vehicles that may need specialized equipment are as follows:

  • Light trucks
  • Classic cars
  • Valuable cars
  • Oversized vehicles
  • Heavily modified vehicles
  • Accident and scrapped

#4.  Are Quotes Free?

It is common for a car carrier company to give free quotes. Most car carrier companies understand that you will be getting quotes from other companies and that you are not obligated to use them.  If you do however stumble across a car carrier company that expects payment for a quote – avoid them.

#5.  What is the cost of shipment?

When you talk to a car carrier representative, your quote will be accurate as you will be able to share your needs and concerns.  Take enough information about your vehicle with you and what you expect from the shipment.

#6.  Are costs all-inclusive

Always make sure that the quote covers all costs before you make a booking.  You can request an itemized list of what the quoted cost covers and that you require transparency about any charges, fees, and additional costs involved.  By doing so you avoid any surprises and extra costs.

#7.  How do you calculate rates?

The cost to ship a car

The cost to ship a car is calculated using a number of factors, such as:

  • Make and model of vehicle
  • Shipping distance
  • Drop off and pick up locations
  • Shipping method
  • Special handling requests
  • Is the vehicle running?
  • Demand
  • Seasonal price fluctuations
  • Price of gasoline
  • Enclosed trailer or open-air trailer
  • Across border shipping
  • Size and weight of the vehicle

 #8.  What payment options are available?

Ask what payment methods are accepted.  Many car carrier companies will ask for a deposit when the shipment is scheduled.  It isn’t common that they ask for full payment before the vehicle is shipped.  Find out beforehand to avoid any unwanted surprises.

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