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Tips When Using Auto Transport Companies

Tips When Using Auto Transport Companies

Tips When Using Auto Transport Companies

Auto transport companies such as Intercity Towing, are experienced at shipping vehicles across South Africa and further.  If you are looking for a safe, reliable, and affordable shipping company – look no further.

Checklist when using an auto hauling company

Here are a few tips to help our customers before they book a shipment with us:

#1.  Plan Ahead

By planning and scheduling ahead of time, you will be guaranteed the delivery time that you so desire. 

#2.  Remove Personal Belongings from Car

The reason for this is that auto transport companies have to meet strict weight requirements.  Insurance will not include your personal belongings.  If you do not remove your personal belongings from your vehicle, there will be extra charges and delay in transport times.

#3.  Inspect your Vehicle

Always do a thorough inspection of the vehicle with a checklist before you hand over your vehicle to any auto transport company.

#4.  Remove Petrol and Loose Parts from Your Car

By removing petrol from your tank, you are ensuring there will be no chance of a fire hazard.  Remove all loose parts from your car or bolt them down so that no damage will occur to your vehicle or others.

#5.  Choose How You Prefer Vehicle to be Delivered

Door-to-door delivery is convenient unless you live in an area that isn’t accessible for trucks. Transport trucks must avoid overhanging trees as these will damage your car.  If this is the case then you will be asked to pick up your vehicle at a nearby location that is suitable.  There are depots available around the country that you may use too.  By doing so, you also save on delivery costs.  Many auto transport companies will be able to advise you about the best delivery options.

#6.  Be Prepared for Unforeseen Problems

Unfortunately, there are circumstances that may be beyond the auto transport companies’ control.  Things such as mechanical breakdowns, bad weather, and unexpected traffic accidents can cause delays. Planning in advance is the best way to ensure on-time delivery of your vehicle.

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