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How To Transport A Truck In 6 Easy Steps

How To Transport A Truck In 6 Easy Steps

How to transport a truck in 6 easy steps. If you are moving or have just bought a light truck and need it shipped, there are 6 easy steps you can take:

#1. Create A Shipment list

#2. Choose A Reputable Truck Carrier

#3. Truck Delivery and Shipping

#4. Check-in with Insurance Company

#5. Choose a Date

#6. Date of Arrival Inspection

Create A Shipment list of the truck to be transported

Jot down your timeframes and pick up points for shipment. List the following:

  • make
  • model
  • year
  • modifications – if any

Add photos of every angle of your truck and add them to the list.

Choose A Reputable Truck Carrier

Transporters will send you shipping rates once you have completed your list. You can call them directly or fill in the online quote form on their website. Look at their testimonials if you would like to see what others’ experiences were like.

Intercity Auto Movers has a testimonial page with feedback from customers that have used our service.

Truck Delivery and Shipping

Once you have chosen your preferred company, contact them with any queries or concerns you may have. Communicate with the transport company regarding any information required for a smooth shipment process. Clear communication is vital. Intercity Auto Movers are here to help you before, during and after your truck is shipped.

Ensure the truck to be transported

Let your insurance company know about shipment details for your truck. You should be prepared for anything, including:

  • potential road accidents
  • Theft or damage

Your insurance agent will be able to advise and give information on supplemental insurance- if required.

Choose a Date to transport the truck

You may have more or less an idea of when you will move your truck. It is suggested that you pick an exact date for your delivery. An exact time of delivery is needed to get transportation quotes for moving your truck. Some transporters are flexible and will accommodate you, but it is always best to give at least 7 days’ notice.

Date of arrival for truck delivery inspection

A lot can happen while your truck is in transit – so be there when it is delivered. Inspect the truck once it is unloaded off the trailer. Check it from bottom to top to make sure it wasn’t damaged during the move. The driver should present you with a copy of the transport contract for your to sign. Inspect your truck before signing – otherwise, you will be liable for the damage.

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