Car Hauler South Africa

Car haulers in South Africa

Car haulers in South Africa are mostly equipped for shipping vehicles all over Africa.  If you are moving to another country in Africa it can be exhausting and complicated. If you have a few cars it can be even more stressful.  Here are some things to consider when looking for car haulers in South Africa.

Should I Move or Sell My Vehicle or Vehicles?

Sometimes the best option is to sell your one or more of your vehicles.  There are certain factors such as roadworthy and emissions standards in the country you are moving to.  If you are confident that your vehicle will pass the safety test then you can go ahead with shipping it.  If you have doubts, then it would be best to sell it and buy another one in the country you will be residing in.

You should always ask vehicle officer these questions:

  • What are the roadworthy requirements?
  • How much will this cost?
  • When buying  a used car, what tests are needed? Does the buyer or seller pay for these tests?

Your insurance costs and transport needs could change significantly as rates vary from region to region.

Selling your car or donating it to charity for tax deductions is also a wise decision.

Car Haulers In South Africa Options

If you decide that its best to bring your car along, there are many options to get it delivered:

Option #1. Move your car with your moving company

Loading your car with your household items is expensive as many charge by weight, time and distance – your car will be heaviest item.

 Option#2.  Moving Your Car with a Professional Auto Mover

You will be happier using a company that specializes in shipping cars.  Intercity Auto Movers is a reputable car mover in South Africa. We will transport your car or any other type of transportation to its destination .Most Reliable Car Transport Companies IAMSA Services