Most Reliable Car Transport Companies

Most Reliable Car Transport Companies

Most Reliable Car Transport Companies

Most reliable car transport companies will be established and large concern. Intercity Auto Movers may not be the biggest name in the business but we have a brilliant reputation in the auto hauling industry.


How do I know what most reliable car transport companies do?

They Do Not Push You to Make a Decision

The most reliable car transport companies do not push their customers into making a decision. Plan ahead of time and take time to find a company that will move your car. Start by looking for a hauler that never pushes you into booking immediately.


They Come Up in Search

When doing your research for an auto transport company, you will be looking for an auto shipper that has a strong presence and includes positive customer reviews.

They Have a Good Reputation

You may know at least one or two people in your immediate circle who has shipped a car before. Ask your family and friends who they have used and if they had a good experience. Have a look at the reviews on their Google My Business page or website. We at Intercity Auto Movers pride ourselves on our exceptional services and we strive to maintain this.

User Friendly Website

A website that is easy to navigate means that the website owner took time to invest the time and money into their customer service. Red flags to look out for are:


  • Typos
  • Obvious misinformation
  • Forms to book now and no quote froms

Free Obligation Free Quote

Once you have made a list of transport companies that you deem trustworthy, its time to get a quote. Reliable auto transport companies will be happy to give a free quote. Get a quote from at least three auto carrier companies and compare them. Transport companies will give you a quote based on many factors such as:


  • Make and model
  • Condition of vehicle
  • Distance
  • Pick up and drop off locations
  • Type of transport

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