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Reliable Car Transporters

Reliable Car Transporters

Reliable Car Transporters

Are you looking for reliable car transporters to move you across the country? Intercity Auto Movers will transport your car anywhere in South Africa, with depots in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban. It seems way easier to use reliable car transporters to transport your vehicle than to pay someone else to deliver your car to your door.

Intercity Auto Movers Essential Services

  • We bring your car right to your door so that you do not need to waste time and fuel driving to a terminal.
  • We do not charge you until you have set your pick-up date
  • We use insured carriers so that you are not stuck with the bill

Reliable car transporters make life easier

If you are relocating, you may have considered driving your vehicle to its destination. You can use the help of professionals who will help you with moving your car to your desired destination. Driving your car to its destination may seem like a simple option, but the benefits of using a reliable car transporter may just change your mind:

  • They offer hauling advice – a good auto transport company will always be available to answer any queries you have about car transportation. Our knowledgeable team representatives are able to answer any queries you have and put your mind at ease by suggesting only the best options for your needs.
  • They do not oversell or undersell – a good shipping company will never push you to book immediately. Do not use a shipper who pressures you into making a decision promptly.
  • They have many options – open trailer shipping is the industry standard in South Africa. This is the cheapest way to ship a car. Intercity Auto movers take extra care to ensure your vehicle arrives at its destination in a safe way.
  • Instant quotes – once you have made a list of transport companies that are reliable, it is time to get quotes. We will always be happy to give you a free quote. It is vital that you get quotes from multiple car carriers as prices services and rates differ from one to the other. Intercity Auto Movers never ask for payment before the shipping process.

Give us a call today and we will get your car shipping process on the go.

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