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The Car Carrier You Should Use

The Car Carrier You Should Use

The Car Carrier You Should Use

The car carrier you should use should offer you a positive experience without any added surprise expenses.  Whether you are moving house, buying, or selling a car, you will need a car carrier that offers safety and a professional attitude. 

Here are a few tips we suggest when looking for a car carrier:

#1.  Research and research some more

Before you book a car carrier, make sure that the company is professional and authorized.  We at Intercity Auto Movers are proud to read our customer reviews and we invite you to do the same.  The best way to find out if a car carrier is professional is by reading and researching what others’ experiences were.  If a car carrier is on Hello Peter and there are negative reviews – avoid them.

#2.  Question Low Quotes

If it’s too good to be true, it is.  You will get what you pay for.  We at Intercity Auto Movers believe that in order for a safe and efficient delivery to occur, we must charge accordingly.  We offer affordable rates for high-quality service excellence.

#3.  Contact a representative

Once you request a quote, you should contact a representative at our company.  Intercity Auto Movers representatives are always available for any queries or concerns you may have.  We are transparent about any questions you may have regarding pricing, insurance, and the entire shipping process.  Our team of helpful representatives will assist with all your shipping queries in a friendly and efficient and clear manner.

#4.  Book ahead of shipping

Car shipping can be a few days or even a week or two.  The factors that affect shipping times are:


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Method of shipping

There are a few unforeseen circumstances such as weather or road works. We offer a pickup and delivery window to meet your deadline. Always book ahead of time to ensure a stress-free auto-moving experience.

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