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The Car Carrier that You Can Rely On

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The Car Carrier that You Can Rely On

The car carrier industry comes in many shapes and sizes. At Intercity Auto Movers, we offer many options to suit your individual needs. We offer door-to-door service for cars, trucks, boats, bikes, and caravans across South Africa. We arrange all your vehicle transportation needs from start to finish to all major destinations throughout South Africa. Whether you are relocating, retiring, or need a student car delivered we pull out all the stops for you.

Our customer service is top-notch and we pride ourselves on integrity and honesty on all levels.  The car carrier experts in the industry, we offer car shipping for customers across  South Africa. We have a five-star reputation and work with a strong network of logistics companies across the country and this is why we are able to offer the perfect solutions for your shipping needs.

Intercity Auto Movers was started in 2007. With a 1-ton sling truck and perseverance, the company expanded rapidly.

Intercity Auto Movers is capable of transporting any type of car. Everything from new cars, classics, salvage cars, and non-running cars is no problem at all for us as we have the best equipment and workforce for the job.

Single car carriers are perfect for transporting a single car at short notice at a shorter distance. The small size of the single carrier makes it easy to navigate narrow roads and go up against difficult driveways.  You can transport most cars on a single carrier at short distances. These carriers cost more than other carriers, but we keep our rates at a reasonable rate.

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