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Caravan Trailers Available

Caravan Trailers Available

Caravan Trailers Available

Caravan trailers are a convenient way to move your caravan across the country. With the festive season right around the corner, you may be planning your much-deserved breakaway.

There may be times when you are unable to tow your caravan yourself and require the services of a caravan trailer service. Intercity Auto Movers can handle the towing for you whether it is a long trip and requires a multi-car trailer or just a tow closest to you – we do it all.

Caravan Towing

For single towing closest to you, we have a range of options available. You may need an individual tow truck or your caravan transported on a trailer – we do both. If you are transporting your caravan over long distances, we suggest the fastest and most affordable option.  

Pop Top Caravan

If you require a pop-top caravan to be towed across the country, we can deliver it for you – no hassle.

Camper – Slide On

If you require a slide-on camper trailer moved, we are the car carrier that can do this for you. We will suggest which option is best suited for your requirements.

Camper Trailer

If you have just bought a camper trailer and need to have the camper trailer relocated, you can find a reliable caravan transport company that can transport it. Maybe you are relocating to a new place and need to take your camper trailer to its destination, we can do it for you. You can find a dependable caravan transport company. We are a dependable and experienced caravan transport company.

Whatever the season, we offer a wide range of caravan towing services, such as:

  • Collection and delivery from your home
  • Holiday campsite collection and delivery
  • Towing between sites
  • Towing to and from a caravan dealership
  • Collection and storage
  • Collect and deliver to buyer
  • Collect and deliver to and from the seller of online purchase

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