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Car Shipping Rates Factors to Consider

Car Shipping Rates Factors to Consider

Car shipping rates depend on a few factors. Whether you are moving your car, caravan or an entire fleet, these are the factors that have an effect on the car shipping rates:


Are you moving to a major city or a rural area off the beaten track? The location distance will definitely affect the shipping rate. If you are shipping your car to a major city, then it will be less expensive. When shipping to smaller rural areas, an auto delivery company has to go off main roads to deliver your vehicle. This will cost you more and it is better to collect your car at a major route delivery point.

Car Hauling Season

The car shipping industry has high and low seasons just like most. Obviously car hauling services will slow down during snowfall and flash floods. Due to the higher risks and increase in fuel usage, the cost of shipping your car will be higher.

Car delivery time frame

After the cost of shipping a car, there is the worry about the time it will take the company to deliver the vehicle. Faster car shipping will cost you an arm and a leg. To be able to deliver faster and with proper route planning, the cost will increase. When you allow for a window of delivery, your wallet will thank you!

Modified Vehicles

Car hauling companies have special equipment for modified vehicles. The use of specialized loading will cost you more. We would need to consider the height and lift and lower a vehicle accordingly. This does take more time and affect the delivery price. Adjustments like these directly affect the cost of transportation.

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