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Vehicle Transport Cost Factors in South Africa

Vehicle Transport Cost Factors

1.  Location of your vehicle

Vehicle transport cost is a major issue for those who have to move across the country.  Companies that move household goods do not move vehicles.  This means that you would have to use the services of an auto transport company to ship your vehicle.  Certain factors will affect vehicle transport costs, such as whether you moving to a big city or rural area.  Transporting tour car to major cities such as Cape Town, Johannesburg or Durban will be less expensive than shipping your car to outlying rural areas.

2.  Delivery time required

With shipping a car comes the added anxiety of the time it will take to deliver it.  The more expedite you require, the more you will fork out.  A quick pick up and delivery need proper route planning and costs more.  The more flexible you are with delivery time, the less you will pay. The reason for this is that the shipping company can organize delivery around an affordable rate.  Usually, the best way is on a fully loaded trailer within close proximity of delivery point.

3.  Modification of vehicle

Car shipping companies offer standard to premium services to meet customers needs.  If a car is modified it will need special equipment and handling – affecting the price.  A modification could mean lifting or lowering a car – changing the height of an auto.  These type of modifications mean that the car shipping company will have to adjust the truck levels to accommodate non-standard vehicle height.  Adjustments like these affect the cost directly as extra work is needed.

4.  Size and weight of the vehicle

The size and weight of vehicle impact the cost to ship.  The larger your vehicle – the more you will pay.  Smaller vehicles take up less space, are lighter and much more affordable to transport on a loaded trailer.  Larger vehicles obviously take up more space and because of their weight, the car carrier uses more fuel.

5.  Personal items in the car

Customers sometimes like to use the space in their cars for personal items.  This would be an ideal option for those who are moving but will ultimately cost you more as the car will be heavier.  There are customers who don’t mind the extra cost involved but many auto transport companies do not allow this.  Even if you have insurance, most companies are not licenced to transport such goods.  It is best to move your household goods with a moving company instead.We are equipped to move your car better than any other transport company