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Move My Vehicle After An Accident

How do I Move My Vehicle After an Accident?

How do I move my vehicle after an accident? This is a question most would hope not to ever ask. Unfortunately, accidents do happen when we least expect it.  It is incredibly traumatic to be in one and still make decisions such as should I move my vehicle?  Intercity Auto Movers offer transport for mechanical breakdowns, accident recovery, and secure storage.

Stop at the scene of the accident

It is a law that you stop when you are involved in an accident.  You must stay at the scene of the accident and exchange details.  If you are not injured you can help others that are injured.

When can I move my vehicle after an accident?

Only if your vehicle can be driven to the side of the road out of traffic’s way should you move it at the accident scene. If no one is injured, the car should be moved to the shoulder of the road or the closest parking lot.  The reason it is suggested to move cars out of the way is that there is a chance of a second collision occurring.

For this reason, people who drive past an accident shouldn’t stop if there is already help available. If the vehicle is a right off and there are injuries, it is safer for those involved to stay put until paramedics arrive at the scene.  Never move an injured person. Switch on all car’s hazard lights and place safety triangles in the road so that other drivers do not drive into you.

Get Details and file a report of the accident

When exchanging info such as name, license numbers, VIN, Address, and insurance details – do not forget to take pictures of your vehicle. This will help when trying to claim from insurance. Go to the nearest police station if you are not seriously injured and report the accident.

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