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Car Carrier Tips for Newbies

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Car Carrier Tips for Newbies

If you are a car carrier newbie and need your car delivered to your desired destination, there are a few important things to consider. Intercity Auto Movers is experienced in the car carrier industry and offer a few suggestions when using a car carrier for the first time:

Make Sure Your Car Is Working

Make sure your car is working and the battery is charged. Pump your tires and make sure there are no mechanical issues prior to loading. If you need a non-runner delivered, be sure to list the mechanical issues with the car carrier company.

Check Your Fuel

Leave in only a quarter tank and no more. This will make the vehicle lighter and safer to carry, which will be better in your pocket.

Top Up All Fluids

Make sure you top up water and oil prior to dropping or collecting of your vehicle.

Secure important parts

Make sure that all engine mounting components are secure and any other parts that may move around. If your car is a convertible, make sure that the top is secure so that your vehicle won’t be damaged from flying debris.

Remove personal belongings

This is a prerequisite as we cannot ensure any damage to personal belongings and it adds to the weight of the vehicle. Things such as blankets, electrical items, GPS, baby seats, music equipment, and anything of value should be removed.

Remove dangerous objects

Anything that is flammable, sharp, or illegal should be removed from your vehicle. Things such as guns, flares, lighters, gas bottles, and aerosol spray are all dangerous items.

Disable alarm

If you have a car alarm, you need to disable it as our driver cannot stop halfway and disarm an alarm blaring away on a trailer. After all, you do not want your car delivered with a flat battery!

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