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Auto Transport Depot Facts

Auto Transport Depot Facts

Auto transport depot facts will help you to choose the best option and company for your transport needs. Intercity Auto Movers are a transparent auto transport depot and we give our customers honest and helpful suggestions. Here are a few auto transport facts worth noting:

Fact #1. Depot–to–depot is not cheaper than door-to-door

We all would like to save a buck and use the most affordable option, no matter the inconvenience. The truth is you would have to drive to a depot to collect your car and that may cost time and fuel. Depot-to-depot may cost you fuel and time, but also storage fees! So if you look at all the extras, it would be worth choosing door-to-door auto transport services.

Fact #2.  Depot-to-depot will not increase the likelihood of delays

You may have been told that there will be delays by many in the industry or perhaps you have read so in many articles or blogs. The truth is that depot-to-depot transport shouldn’t cause delays as the time for car delivery falls directly on the time the customer is available to pick up their vehicle.

Fact #3. It is best to use a car carrier that is also a broker

Intercity Auto Movers take care of all your logistic needs. With a network of the best in the industry, we are bound to find you the best fit. It is always best to use a company that can get you the most competitive and secure services for your shipping requirements.

The broker will take your money and leave the car carrier to handle the rest. At Intercity Auto Movers, we offer professional and caring customer relations – giving you peace of mind and attentiveness.

Fact #4. Car transport rates do not revolve solely around distance

Car transport rates do not only revolve around distance but there are many factors, including:

  • Door-to-door or depot-to-depot
  • Multi trailer or single trailer
  • Fuel increases

Distance is a factor but it isn’t the ONLY factor that affects the rates of transporting your vehicle.

Car Transport Rates That Are Reasonable

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