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A Good Auto Transport Company

A Good Auto Transport Company

A Good Auto Transport Company

A good auto transport company will always promise the best service.  To help customers with choosing the right one there are a few things they must be able to do.

1.   Be Clear About Delivery Times

An auto transport company needs to be clear from the start about the delivery time.

2.  Transparency about how far in advance delivery should be scheduled

This should be on the transport company website – with clear information about how far in advance a delivery needs to be scheduled.

3.  Transparency about destination time

A transport company that promises a certain delivery time before the customers have even mentioned their destination is very suspicious – avoid them.  Don’t fall for these promises, as some car carriers need to travel far and shipment will obviously differ.

4 Transparency when it comes to policies about delayed deliveries

A professional auto transport company will have clear policies regarding delayed deliveries.  Some may give the money back and some may not, either way, it is important that the customers are aware of these policies.  Honesty is key when it comes to delayed deliveries.

 5.  Transparency of costs involved

This is one of the most important factors for customers.  Obviously, the most affordable option is not always better.  Pricing plans should be checked with a few companies, so you can find what best suits your needs. Customers should be made aware of how the price is calculated.  Some companies appear to offer great deals but leave customers surprised by added costs due to extra mileage.

6.  Transparency of all costs

Customers should be made aware of any extra costs that may be added and know if costs differ depending on the vehicle and distance etc.

7.  Transparency about insurance

Most car carrier companies will be honest about insurance coverage.  If the customers have to take out added insurance from their existing insurer, they should be made aware immediately.  The company should be transparent about the costs of shipping coverage they have on vehicles they ship.

8.  Transparency about rushed delivery services

Many companies are contacted by the customer at the last minute.  Customers should be made aware if a last-minute delivery is even possible and of the costs involved. Shipping companies should not make unrealistic promises that they cannot keep.

9.  Transparency about customer service history

There are many car shipping websites that are dressed to impress.  These companies need to prove their worth with customer testimonials.  A good auto transport company will show customer testimonials or at least have a good reputation in their area.  Another good indication is how established the company is – how many years has this company been operating and have it grown?

10  Transparency in delivery service

Auto shipping companies not only offer services to individuals but to fleet types too.  Companies need to make customers aware of the services and the type of delivery they offer.  If you need open-air trailers, enclosed trailers or sports car shipping the company should be able to accommodate these services.

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