Car Deliveries Via Car Carriers

Car deliveries via car carriers

Car deliveries via car carriers are available through Intercity Auto Movers in Durban and Johannesburg. We have team that has the experience and training to handle the process of car deliveries via car carriers.

Car Deliveries are not the only deliveries we do, we also deliver the following:

  • Specialized Deliveries – exotic, classic, custom, non-runners, 4×4 and race cars.
  • Motorbikes – four wheeler, off-road, super bikes and Harley Davidson.
  • Trucks – small trucks. New or old.
  • Taxis – big or small
  • Caravans – all sizes

As a top rated auto carrier, we ensure that your car will get from point A to B without you having to lift any weight. We offer door-to-door and a pleasant process with no unnecessary delay.

Why choose Intercity Auto Movers?

We work with our customers every step of the way. Use us and experience a hassle free car carrier service and enjoy a stress free shipping process.

We work passionately to ensure we are the best shipping company you will ever use. We track your car delivery every step of the way. If you would like to know if a shipping company is trustworthy, just read their customer reviews. We have a track record of many satisfied customers, but why take our word for it, go to our testimonial page on our website and see for yourself.

Intercity Auto Movers has a huge network of auto transporters, ensuring that we can get the job done. We believe in customer satisfaction and highest of standards in the industry.

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